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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Willie E. Shields who was born in Arkansas on August 9, 1918 and passed away on June 18, 2005 at the age of 86. We will remember her forever.
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GRANDMOTHERS ARE HEAVEN SENT!   / Rosalyn Hawes (1st Grand daughter )
My grandmother was truly heaven sent.  She gave the double dose of love and tender care.  She was there for me in ways that only a grandmother can be.  It is worth more than gold when you have a grandmother that you can talk too about ...  Continue >>
MOMO  / Adrienne Clayton (Granddaughter)
You were a true gem of a grandmother. Your words of wisdom and honestey will never be forgotten. I know you are resting in God's Place and I will see you you again...
You will never be forgotten   / Rosie Shields (Grandaughter)
Dear MoMo,    you were there for me at the begining of my life and i was there at the end of yours.  you were the only grown person who could actually put a smile on my face unless they were giving me money,or food. you always kne...  Continue >>
I Thank God 4 U   / Tynisa Guyton (Granddaughter)
 I Thank God for you. I know that U are in a much better place because U are now at peace. I wish U were still here but God looked down in his garden and seen there was an empty space for a beautiful flower. He saw that U ran the race and U foug...  Continue >>
tribute to my mother   / Marion Aka Chic Warmack (sr, daughter )
i miss the days of wine champagne and roses.  and talking about past events and laughing about the present.  i know that you are in heaven with daddy and dancing all over the place.  because where you are there is no pain or sorrow.&nb...  Continue >>
MOMO / Ashley Clayton (great-granddaughter)    Read >>
Janie Smith/Adopted Granddaughter  / Janie Smith (Adopted Grandma )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Things my mother taught me by: Christy C Shields Baker  

Willie Eloise Shields, my mother taught me so much about the little things in life. How the little things make such a big difference in how I veiw the world today. She taught me to listen to my heart and not my mind.
When we listen to our hearts and dicisions have to be made, bearing the stresses of life become much lighter. She taught me that Patients being a great virtue creates peace of mind. And that the rewards of a giving Spirit can brings about much joy. 
What I will cherish the most is that my mother taught me to have compassion for others. To see that sometimes your own needs aren't as important as helping others.
I hope and pray that I am as good at passing such meaningful attributes on to the people that are in my life. My dear Mother had a heart of Gold and that's what I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

I Remember When! Christy Charlotte Shields Baker (Child #5, Daughter #4)  

         When I was about four years old, my mother made my sister Anna Ruth and I a doll house. It was a two story house made of card board. It was sectioned off with bedrooms, a kitchen, livingroom and dinningroom. I don't think it had a bath room. But it was great.
Mom Ma helped us make funiture from empty spools from thread and card board. A dinning room table with chairs. A couch, chairs and tables for the livingroom. We made table cloths and curtains with scraps of fabric that our grandmother had left over from her quilts.
We had little people that lived in our house.
I will never forget the look of saticfaction on my mothers face. The look of "I did a good job" even if I say so myself. Best of all was the pride we took in saying to others " Look what my mother did for me".
This is just one of many, many treasures of what " I Remember When".

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